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I've been watching the Justice Channel lately, mostly as background while eating since we don't have our DirecTV hooked up to the little TV in the kitchen. Recently they did a profile of serial killers, all with extremely similar characteristics.

Extremely narcissistic
Oblivious to anyone's feelings but their own
Oblivious to human suffering
Thrives on media attention

Sound familiar?
A year or so ago I started the website
showing how Donald Trump was a total con man who only ran for President in order to make money. This was no surprise to anyone who followed Trump's sleazy career through the years. A profile of Trump in a 20-year-old New Yorker piece described him as "an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul."

But I soon realized that keeping the website up to date would be a full time job. There's always something! As I write this TODAY Trump is suing everyone from Congress to Deutsche Bank to prevent his finances being revealed to anyone. Hmmm. Why do you suppose that is? We already know that his inept management bankrupted his company 4 times, that U.S. banks wouldn't touch him, and that he had to be bailed out by someone. Russia? Saudia Arabia?
As for being a multi-billionaire...factor in the money he owes and the question is, is he even solvent?
The scary thing is that 40% or so of Americans and 80+% of Republicans support this serial liar, lifelong criminal. The only thing he's great at is being a con man...and nobody has ever done it better.
Trump, like just about every serial killer profiled on the Justice Channel, cares not at all about human life...unless that human happens to be named Donald J. Trump. What's more, he cares not at all about the fate of this planet one second after he leaves the Earth.


Measles anyone?
It's crazy to restrict kids from school who haven't been inoculated against measles. I say, LET 'EM IN! The kids who have had their measles shots aren't in danger of getting measles. Only those kids whose parents wouldn't allow them to be vaccinated will be getting the measles AS WELL THEY SHOULD. Let their parents deal with their sick...potentially very sick kids...expensive doctors' visits...potential hospital stays. It's what these parents (but unfortunately not these kids) deserve.

I write this on the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, and as I feel every year on this day, it was disgraceful to take the Abraham Lincoln Birthday holiday away in order to give a holiday to Martin Luther King Jr.

Disgraceful to black Americans!

After all, who did more for black Americans--a U.S. President who fought a long and bloody war in order to end slavery--or a man who made a memorable speech? Hmmm.

I'm seeing lots of commercials for a lot of different charities. One "popular" one, the Wounded Warrior Project...soldiers who lost limbs in war zones need our help...asks $19 a month from viewers. But...where's the U.S. Government? As a write this we have a President shutting down the Government in order to get 5Billion$$ for a useless wall. 5Billion$$ would go a long way to help Wounded Warriors and it wouldn't be at all controversial. No shutting down the Government rather than that!

As for the many, many other charities asking $12 a month...$18 a month...$22 a month...I can't help but wonder why multi-billionaires like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are busy competing with one another as to who will be the first to send a rocket to Mars rather than contributing $1 Million a month (something they could each easily afford) to help, for example, handicapped children. Actually, it would take just one of the world's 2200+ billionaires to eliminate the need for all of the begging-for-money charities I'm seeing on TV these days.



I've made a little study of these so-called charities. I've found that many if not most of them exist only to exist. They aren't formed in order to raise money for their stated cause (although some small portion of the money may eventually reach veterans, children, people with diseases...). They are formed as businesses to do business in the fundraising industry. The employees get paid, the management gets paid well, and the executives do very well. For every $10 contribution they get, maybe $6 goes to pay the salaries of the workers and another $2 goes toward operating costs. As long as they don't make a corporate profit they can legally call themselves "non-profit organizations." Even if the CEO is getting paid a seven-figure salary. LUKE W.


Handicap Parking Spots...
...are a genuine convenience for people who genuinely have difficulty getting in and out of their car and getting around with their cane or walker. But it occurred to me today that I see more people park in those spots WITHOUT a handicap notification than I see people WITH a notification who are genuinely handicapped.

Most typically, a car will pull into a handicap spot, the driver (ALWAYS a male) hangs the handicap notification on his mirror, and gets out of his car CLEARLY with no hint of a handicap. I used to assume that they were simply using their handicapped relative's car...but why hang the handicap notification at all? Getting one of those notifications (I have no clue how I would go about it) is just their way of scamming society and not having to walk 20 extra steps each time they park somewhere.


Who's the racist?

Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia is in hot water due to a "racist" photo that appeared on his page in a 1984 college yearbook. The photo showed a man in black face having a drink with a ku klux klan member. The message seemed to be "can't we all just get along?" That's racist? Meanwhile, throughout his political career, Governor Northam has been an unflinching champion of equal rights FOR ALL.

Compare that to Trump Management Corporation, sued by the U.S. Justice department in the '70s for refusing to rent to blacks. And to Donald Trump in the '80s who didn't want blacks working for his companies or in his casinos. According to one employee: "When Donald came to the casino, the bosses would order all the black people off the floor so he wouldn't see them." And to Donald Trump in the '90s who found out that a black man worked for the accounting firm he was using and was quoted as saying "Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.  I think that the guy is lazy. And it's probably not his fault, because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It's not anything they can control."
And to this day (fill in the blanks)...




It's a lot easier to be a professional, employed advertising copywriter today than it was in the '60s when I was starting out. Simply know the word "awesome."

You know the word "awesome"? You're hired!

Curious to see how many people on eBay were describing their offering as "awesome" I did a search today.
2,379,848 results for "awesome" in the title.

50 million+ for "awesome" in either the title or description.
And I'll bet you didn'
t realize there were 50 million+ listings on eBay TOTAL!
Truly awesome!